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Mint and Periwinkle, bound and broken by love.
Role: Producer / Musician / Designer Team: Richard Hough, Chelsea Howe, Michael Molinari Website: http://playtipoli.com Community: @ Playhaven.com Trailer: @ youtube.com Released: 4 December 2009 Company: Proper Walrus, LLC. Publisher: Divide by Zero Games, Inc. Dev Summary: A complete iPhone game created with Unity3D over six months in 2009 Concept: Mint is sticky, Periwinkle is bouncy. With just one button, you can swap the constantly revolving pair and send them soaring through over sixty unique, physics-based levels. Experience their wordless tale of the trials and tribulations of love, helping them survive the only way they can: Together.

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Notes: This Elder Geek interview talks in depth about my personal philosophy on Tipoli and its inclusion of minimal I/O systems, minimal narrative, and other 'enchantment'-based interactivity applications. Reviews: In addition to being Featured by Apple under "New & Noteworthy" 2-8 February 2010 and "What's Hot?" 9-15 February 2010, Tipoli has received many reviews from a variety of publications. Don't forget to check the iTunes store reviews as well!
  • App-sized (30 January 2010) - Five stars! "Extremely affordable, unique and elegant, Tipoli is a great example of the hidden gems among indie games. Add to that a fuzzy feeling for a pair of lovers whose story is engaging and poignant makes this game a compelling buy."
  • App.itize.us (21 January 2010) - Appitizeus is "a painstakingly curated presentation of the best produced and designed iPhone applications that are available for download via the App Store." They featured Tipoli and said: "A sun and a moon roll and tumble through the stylized landscape. Very moody illustrated love story that reminds me of a picasso oil."
  • App Spy (January 2010) - 4: Good "For fans of simple physics games, Tipoli is definitely worth a look at. The game starts off deceptively simple to get players used to the game mechanics but the difficulty soon elevates and things become a lot more complex.  So if you’re looking for a simple and enjoyable game to play, then Tipoli is a solid choice."
  • Pocket Gamer (10 January 2010) - 6: Above Average "Tipoli is an original concept for a puzzler, though it isn't entirely successful, let down ever-so-slightly by levels that are more a chore than charming"
  • Portable Gamer (January 2010) - "Tipoli is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  At $0.99 it’s a great little game.  And if you don’t conquer it right away, trust me.  Just give it some time."
  • Sioux Falls Video Game News Examiner (28 December 2009) - "I found myself loving the tranquil music, oil-painting art style and the overly cutesy, yet poignant, portrayal of love. There is plenty to love about Tipoli from the complex levels to the friendly price.  This game is a bargain on the iTunes App Store for what you get out of it. "
  • Nine Over Ten (27 December 2009) - "Sometimes, having an unique gameplay mechanic doesn’t automatically translate into having a great game."
  • MacMost (23 December 2009) - "You control two little guys one of whom is stuck to the surface and the other who is continuously bouncing. All you do is touch to switch them. Very very simple, yet also very interesting. Give it a try."
  • Slapp-App (19 December 2009) - 5/5! "Tipoli will get you hooked, no doubt about it. This one-button physics platformer will have you going back for more and more. The challenging and diverse level design, vibrant hand drawn visuals, and cute love story  all make this game a sure pick."
  • Elder-Geek (11 December 2009) - Worth Buying! "What do you get when you cross zen-like simplicity with challenging mechanics? You get a really addictive and entertaining brew that is Tipoli."
  • Fall Damage (6 December 2009) - "If you are craving something indubitably addictive and you just happen to have an iPhone at your disposal than there is truly no reason not to go and get yourself a copy of Tipoli."