Something strange is happening in the city of San Francisco. We've all seen the dancing bag from American Beauty - or witnessed a stray plastic bag blown about by eddies. But now it's not just once in a blue moon, it's every day - every hour - and the bags are starting to move together.
You can help by reporting strange bag behavior to the #BagsAlive hashtag, and working with leading zoologist Elizabeth Anderson - to help analyze this increasingly strange phenomenon. What sort of behavior should you report? - Bags that seem to be tracking, following, or stalking you - Bags that move against the wind, or move freely without wind - Two or more bags moving together in synchrony - Large quantities of plastic bags, still or moving - Bags exhibiting animal behavior - such as roosting, hunting, or protecting territory [[This is a one day transmedia project for the #TransmediaJam SF - thanks for playing!]]

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